InBox ShowHide

Version 7.0.1

Creation date 2018/10/24


Module to hide / show / make a specific field mandatory.



The following versions of Znuny Framework are supported:

  • [7.0.x]


The following modules are required:

  • InBox Core 7.0.1 or superior

Operating System

The following operating systems are required:

  • [None]

Software de Terceiros

The following third parties software is required:

  • [None]


bin/ Admin::Package::Install /path/to/InBox\ ShowHide-7.0.1.opm


This module can be configured via "System Configuration" in the administrative interface. The following configuration options are available:


To operate the module, it is necessary to add this configuration. Add the ShowHide parameter to the key and value respectively. As the image below:


ACLKeysLevel2::Properties (Not yet updated)

If you want to create ACLs, using the Contract fields in the match configuration, add the following key to this configuration:

Contract -> Contract


ShowHideField::Core::ToEnableCustomServiceForm (Not yet updated)

For ShowHide to function in the CustomServiceForm module, you must enable this setting.



Creating a new ACL with ShowHide

When creating an ACL, it is possible to select in "Match Settings" for the type Possible the ShowHide option, with this option selected it is possible to define the name of the field that you want to apply the ShowHide.

The module is able to hide, display and display as mandatory the fields on screen. To do this follow the values ​​below when building your ACL:

- Hide and lose the field value (Hide) -> 0

- Show (Show) -> 1

- Show as mandatory (Show as mandatory) -> 2

- Hide and keep the field value (HideWithValue) -> 3

- Make the field read-only -> 4

ACL Example:


Creating ACL with standard Znuny fields

  • To manage the queue, status or priority fields in action 'AgentTicketFreeText', it is necessary to put these parameters with their names:

    • NewQueueID

    • NewStateID

    • NewPriorityID

    • NewOwnerID

  • For the other actions add their name in the ACL as:

    • Queue (Screens AgentTicketEmail and AgentTicketPhone must be the name Dest)

    • State

    • Priority

  • For the service or SLA in the actions, add them to the acl with the names:

    • SLA

    • Service

  • Improved the module to accept ACL by passing the queues as a condition, on the AgentTicketCompose and AgentTicketEmailOutbound screens.