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InBox ReportTicketTimeInQueue

Version 6.0.2

Creation date 03/12/2021


Module to create a report on the time the ticket was in the queue. In addition to also saving this information in a table in the database through a generic attendant



The following versions of Znuny Framework are supported:

  • [6.0.x]


The following modules are required:

  • InBox Core 6.24.7 or superior

  • InBox Library 6.5.6 or superior

Operating System

The following operating systems are required:

  • [None]

Third Party Software

The following third party software is required:

  • [None]


The following browsers is required:

  • [Chrome]

  • [Mozilla]


bin/ Admin::Package::Install /path/to/InBox\ ReportTicketTimeInQueue-6.0.2.opm



Configure the name of the states that will be considered closed/resolved for the report

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Creating a custom report

To create the new report, navigate to the menu 'Reports -> Statistics' and click on dynamic list and choose the object 'TicketTimeInQueue'.

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After that, the x-axis will include 3 new columns:

  • Report Queue: Name of the queue the call entered.
  • Entry Date: Date of entry into queue.
  • Time the ticket was in the queue: Time the call remained in the queue.
  • State of First Response Time: First Response SLA Status (In or Out).
  • State of Solution Time: Solution Time SLA Status (In or Out).

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Creating a custom generic agent

The module creates a custom generic attendant that saves data about the queue change in the 'ticket_time_in_queue' table.

To create it, choose the 'TicketQueueUpdate' event and add the custom module: Kernel::System::GenericAgent::TicketTimeInQueue::TicketTimeInQueue

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Therefore, at each queue change, the TicketID, Entry QueueID, Entry date in queue, sla time in queue and SLA state information will be saved in the database table.

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For the module to work correctly, the Daemon must be started