InBox NewSurveyLayout

Version 7.0.1

Creation date 2020-04-14


This module aims to create a new layout for the satisfaction survey.



The following versions of the Znuny framework are supported:

  • [7.0.x]


The following modules are required:

  • Survey 7.0.0 or superior
  • InBox Core 7.0.1 or superior

Operational system

The following operating systems are required:

  • [None]


bin/ Admin::Package::Install /path/to/InBox\ NewSurveyLayout-7.0.1.opm



In this configuration add the hexadecimal pattern of the predominant color in the search:

enter image description here


In this configuration, add the path to the image or logo present at the top of the new search layout: enter image description here


Add in this configuration all the research IDs that will have the layout changed:

enter image description here


Add the NPS question ID in this configuration, and then the value and color for it:

enter image description here


Enables the description "Very dissatisfied" and "Very satisfied" in the NPS type question.


In this configuration we determine the radio type questions that will use the star rating format, where in the key we add the survey ID and in the values ​​the question IDs.

enter image description here

Note: When using stars or images, it is necessary to order the responses, within the survey, from the lowest to the highest.


In this configuration it is possible to determine the color of the stars related to the previous configuration.

enter image description here


Define radio-type questions, which should use the pictures style. The first key must be the Survey ID, the second key must be the Question ID, the third key must be the string Image + a number (Ex: Image1, Image2 and etc), which will be the sequence of images, and by last must be informed the path of the image. (Note: If this setting is enabled, the stars setting will be ignored.)

enter image description here


Adds search IDs to display the first article (request).

Note: Only the default layout is available.

enter image description here


Adds search IDs to display the latest article (solution).

Note: Only the default layout is available.

enter image description here


After installing and configuring the module, searches will be changed. The search fields that are of the type 'Yes or no', were as follows: enter image description here

The search fields that are of type 'NPS', were as below:

enter image description here

Radio-type questions configured to use star rating will appear as follows:

enter image description here