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InBox ITSMDynamicFieldConfigItem

Version 6.2.6

Creation date 19/08/2019


This module allows the creation and editing of the dynamic field of Configuration Items.



The following versions of the OTRS framework are supported:

  • [6.0.x]


The following modules are required:

  • InBox Core 6.24.7 or superior

Operational system

The following operating systems are required:

  • [None]

Third Party Software

The following third party software is required:

  • [None]


bin/ Admin::Package::Install /path/to/InBox\ ITSMDynamicFieldConfigItem 6.2.6.opm


click here to access the module API.


This module can be configured via "System Configuration" in the administrative interface. The following configuration options are available:

Adding a new Dynamic Field

On the dynamic field registration screen, enter the general information for the dynamic field.


In the field settings you must define which class of Configuration Item the field will be associated with.


After selecting the class, you must select which fields of the class will be listed in the field, representing the configuration item.


In addition, the options to display the class name, the configuration item name and translate the values are optionally available.


It is possible to add a new parameter in the search, in order to search for items that have this value.

To do this, in area 1 enter the field ID that will be on the screen (HTML element ID) and in area 2 the field ID that will be in the definition of the item's class.


In the configuration item, fill in the field specified above with the desired value. Synchronize the values if they are changed.


When opening the ticket creation screen and filling in the field specified in area 1, when searching for the item it will bring all the items that have the value of area 1 in the field of area 2.



Note: To search for the client user use in area 1: SelectedCustomerUser


After the field has already been created and configured, it is necessary to synchronize. The module creates a Cron that is executed by default every 30 minutes and synchronizes the information, so in case of changes in the dynamic field or creation of new configuration items it will be executed. But it is also possible to force this synchronization, through Admiration> Synchronize Dynamic Fields.


In this screen it will display all dynamic fields of type ITSMConfigItem and will show the date of the last synchronization. It is an option of 'Synchronize dynamic field'.



The field

After the field has already been created and configured, and synchronized, you can add it to the screen you want, it will present a field as a search field, so just type the name of the item, or any field of the item that was defined in the settings and it will display the search options.


When selecting an item it is below the field, it is also possible to remove the selected item.


After creating the ticket, or editing the field value, it creates a link between the Configuration Item and the ticket and is displayed in the ticket associations.