InBox EnableViewSLAByService

Version 6.1.1

Creation date 09/03/2021


The module allows the solution deadline to be displayed on the customer interface according to the child list of the configured service.



The following OTRS framework versions are supported:

  • [6.x.x]


The following modules are required:

  • InBox Core 6.27.7 or superior
  • Znuny4OTRS-EscalationSuspend 6.0.0 or superior

Operational system

The following operating systems are required:

  • [none]

Third Party Software

The following third party software is required:

  • [none]


bin/ Admin::Package::Install /path/to/InBox\ EnableViewSLAByService 6.1.1.opm


This module can be configured via System Configuration in the administrative interface. The following configuration options are available:

Execute Script in the Database

Add the file script_sla.sql to a folder on the server and run the command:

  • mysql otrs < script_sla.sql


The module displays the solution deadline according to the child list of the configured service:


Text configuration to be displayed when the ticket is in a state that suspends the SLA.


Using the Module

After configuring the settings, in the customer interface when accessing a ticket, if it has an SLA and has a configured parent service, the SLA times according to the configuration must be presented:

If the ticket has the status set to pause the SLA (Module Znuny4OTRS-EscalationSuspend), a message defined in the configuration EnableViewSLAByService::Core::MessageSuspender will be displayed