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InBox DynamicFieldChecklist

Version 6.0.7

Creation date 18/01/2022


Module to create a new dynamic field type, checklist type field.



The following versions of Znuny Framework are supported:

  • [6.x.x]


The following modules are required:

  • InBox Core 6.34.11 or superior

Operating System

The following operating systems are required:

  • [None]

Third Party Software

The following third party software is required:

  • [None]


The following browsers is required:

  • [Chrome]

  • [Mozilla]


bin/ Admin::Package::Install /path/to/InBox\ DynamicFieldChecklist-6.0.7.opm



This setting enables the field that defines which column blocks the text from label: DynamicFieldCheckList::ColumnBlockedLabel

enter image description here

To field to be disabled the Option of SelectOnlyOneCheckeBox must be with 'Yes'.

The field will be enabled on the dynamic field administration screen:

enter image description here

It is also possible to add its value in the body of notes, from the system tags


Enabling this setting will open the field viewing link in an emerging window rather than in a new window.


Enabling this setting makes it possible to edit the field on the agent's viewing screen.


Enabling this setting makes it possible to edit the field on the customer view screen.


Creating a custom dynamic field

To create the new dynamic field, navigate to the Administration -> Dynamic Fields menu. And choose in the Ticket object, the type CheckList:

enter image description here

Fill in the fields as desired.

enter image description here

Just remembering that the 'fixed' type is not possible to edit the lines on screen, with the 'free' type this is possible.

The SubjectForCheckBox is so that when selected a checkbox the subject field brings prefilled with the checkbox name

enter image description here

SelectOnlyOneCheckBox allows you to select only one checkbox at a time

enter image description here

Viewing the field

After registering the field, it is possible to visualize it in editing screens, in the example we are in the note screen: enter image description here

As it is a free type field, the buttons are show:

enter image description here

Where it is possible to add a line, delete or edit it in each ticket. If the dynamic field is fixed, they will not be show.

It is also possible to add the dynamic field in the ticket information. For example: enter image description here

enter image description here

In addition to this view, it is possible to enable editing on the editing screen itself in the settings: